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Article: Indroducing MeiMeij to Macbees.

Indroducing MeiMeij to Macbees.

Indroducing MeiMeij to Macbees.


MEIMEIJ's brand essence is a unique blend of contemporary femininity, architectural volumes, and sculpted silhouettes. This aesthetic is further enhanced by romantic details and refined workmanship, setting the brand apart in the fashion industry.

What defines the MEIMEIJ woman?

The MEIMEIJ woman is a modern, urban individual with a strong sense of femininity. She embodies a sartorial heritage that has been passed down through generations, reflecting a timeless elegance and sophistication in her style choices.

How does MEIMEIJ stand out?

MEIMEIJ's designs are characterized by their intricate details and innovative construction techniques. The brand's focus on architectural volumes and sculpted silhouettes creates a unique visual language that is both striking and sophisticated.
At Mabees Killarney, we deeply appreciate and admire the artistry and craftsmanship that goes into brands like MEIMEIJ. We are proud to have them as part of our Macbees family, offering our customers access to their exquisite pieces that embody the essence of contemporary femininity.

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